List of album releases in chronological order.
Recording Labels: Decca, RCA, Polydor, Stile Records, Suitbag Records (Hillsiders own label).
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The Hillsiders - Play their country hits, 1965

The Hillsiders – Bobby Bare and the English Countryside, 1967. Recorded at RCA studio’s Nashville. Chet Atkins was the producer.

The Hillsiders – The Leaving of Liverpool, 1968

The Hillsiders – George Hamilton IV with the Hillsiders, 1971

The Hillsiders – By Request, 1972

The Hillsiders – Our Country, 1973

The Hillsiders – To Please You, 1975

The Hillsiders – Goodbye Scottie Road, 1976

The Hillsiders – On the Road, 1978

The Hillsiders – A Day in the Country, 1979

The Hillsiders – Hillsiders, 1980

The Hillsiders – Only one you, 1984

The Hillsiders – 15/25, 1989


Jason Odd said...

anyone know what happened to Gordon Smith the producer-promoter, booker, etc.. who also happened to have labels like Star and Lucky?

He went with the band to the US when they recorded with Bobby Bare in 1967, but seems to have split from the group by 1968.
He seems to have been a defacto manager of the Hillsadiers at the time, and is mentioned with the Hillsiders in press from the period (Billboard 19 Aug 1967, and 2 Nov 1968).

Love this page, please post some more when you can



Hartlepool Monkey said...

I knew Gordon very well. I don't know what happened to him. What I would suggest is your post something on the british Country Music website to see if anyone out there might know:

Anonymous said...

There appears to be NO CDs for this group---Why ? I'm hoping to find a best of'-- that includes 'Sunday Morning Coming Down'--which is by far the best rendition in my humble opinion. Cheers--Phil Croft.

Ian Hilton said...

They only did 1 cd - The Hillsiders – 15/25, in 1989. See above. Unfortunately, Sunday Morning Come Down is not on it. Ill see if I can find a copy and add it to the player on the main page.

Blue Peter said...

I really miss Joe's country progamme on City, I used to phone in regularly for his competitions, he was such a nice guy. The pride of my collection is the Hillsiders with the great Bobby Bare. Still listen to Kenny on Radio Merseyside, not as good as his live programmes used to be though.

Leila Oneill said...

Does anyone know of any way I could find a cd of 'by request' its my Grandmas favourite album and I would love to surprise her at Christmas with it. Thank you in advance.